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For A Mother’s Greatest Gift

“A Mother’s Greatest Gift exactly identifies the greatest tool a mother has—access to personal revelation through the Spirit. If a mother can tap into that power, she has everything she needs to help parent her children. This book is rich with stories, examples, and guidance on how to access the Spirit and use the priesthood and other spiritual keys to help every mother. This book offers each of us the guidance we need to tap into the Spirit on behalf of our children. A tremendous help.”

—Merrilee Boyack, author of The Parenting Breakthrough

“Heidi Poelman has discovered that the most important ingredi- ent in the recipe for raising strong, successful, and happy children is each mother’s ability to call on heaven through the Holy Ghost and through personal revelation to know God’s will for our sometimes willful but often delightful children! Heidi teaches us that as we raise children in a scary world, our most valuable anchor can be sent down from above with power and love.”

—Linda Eyre, coauthor of Teaching Your Children Values and Five Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges

“Heidi Poelman’s book is a tremendous gift for mothers every- where, a wonderful guide to seeking and relying on the Spirit as we raise our children. Drawing upon her own experiences and the experiences of other mothers, as well as the counsel and wisdom of the scriptures and Church leaders, Poelman has written a book that affirms, uplifts, and inspires the reader in ways that will bless her and her children. A Mother’s Greatest Gift is a book I will return to again and again and share with every mother I know.”

—Debra Sansing Woods, author of Mothering with Spiritual Power: Book of Mormon Inspirations for Raising a Righteous Family

“With temptation only a click away, today’s family is under attack like no other time in recorded history. Parents need all the help they can get to keep their family safe. Although every child is different and no parenting specialist can offer a promise for perfection, we do have a Heavenly Father who knows what’s best in every situation. Heidi Poelman guides readers to this ultimate source for obtaining advice and acting on promptings received through the Spirit. I highly recommend this book to all parents.”

—Randal A. Wright, PhD in family studies and author of The Book of Mormon Miracle, Power Parenting, Achieving Your Life Mission, and Make Every Day Meaningful

“A Mother’s Greatest Gift is a fantastic read for any mother who is looking for words of inspiration and encouragement to bring the Spirit into her home and family life. Beautifully combining princi- ples of the gospel with real-life motherhood experiences, this book feels like a comforting, powerful conversation with a friend who knows your life and wants to help you see the beauty in life when the gospel is at the heart of it. An absolute privilege to read!”

—April Perry, blogger at Power of Moms

“With stories of real women woven throughout, this book is a beautiful read for any woman who needs a gentle reminder that God is mindful of us every day. As mothers in a time when informa- tion is so accessible, it’s easy to rely on ourselves without resting our hearts—our worries and insecurities—with the power who knows our families better than anyone else. For me, Heidi’s book was a wit- ness to God’s love and concern for us as women, and it was a much- needed nudge to turn to Him more as I parent my children.”

—Erica Layne, author of Let Why Lead blog

“A Mother’s Greatest Gift provides wisdom, insight, and practical applications in seeking the Spirit for the challenging task of rais- ing children. The shared personal experiences from the author and others are a valuable trove of support and inspiration.”

—Linda Hoffman Kimball, author of Apple Pies & Promises: Motherhood in the Real World and other books

For The Two-Minute Marriage Project

“This is one of the most practical, sensible and accessible resources available for anyone who wants to create enduring intimacy.”
—Joseph GrennyNew York Times Bestselling author of Crucial Conversations and Change Anything

“Often it’s the simple daily doses of small loving actions that nurture a relationship. The Two-Minute Marriage Project is a celebration of the little things that can make love last. Filled with the latest marriage research, personal stories, and anecdotes from happy partners, this book contains everyday tools that can actually make a difference.”
—Margaret Paul, PhD, best-selling author of Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By YouHealing Your Aloneness, and Inner Bonding.

“Most self-help books are written by clinicians. Few topics in the relationship arena are examined by those in the ‘trenches of life.’ Heidi Poelman is a rather typical middle class American wife and mother. She writes as one experiencing marriage as it is—with highs and lows—yet her approach is about what works. Her positive style offers suggestion after suggestion to the reader about how to give and receive love in ways that offer hope and direction to all those wanting to be happily married. This is a wonderful book, full of little gems and nuggets of wisdom. I endorse it for those young and old who want to stay content in a committed relationship.”
—J. Kent Griffiths, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist

For A is for Abinadi

A Is for Abinadi is a delightful book for children to learn about the great men and women in our scriptures. As a mom and grandma, I so appreciate any book that will help reinforce the scriptures and making faithful choices. I loved the illustrations and the silly parts as well. This book is perfect for engaging young children and teaching and entertaining at the same time! Kudos to Heidi and Jason on a terrific book!”
—Merrilee Boyack, author, speaker, life coach, and community leader

“I can’t praise A Is for Abinadi enough! Children will love the adorable illustrations that complement these short and delightful summations of scripture heroes. And adults will appreciate the great reminder of who’s who in the scriptures. A fun and charming book to share over and over with the children in your life.”
—H.B. Moore, author of Best of State & Whitney Award–winning novel, Abinadi

“Poelman and Pruett have created an entertaining and engaging ABC book guaranteed to excite readers of all ages. Using the standard works as their foundation, they build the framework for children to delve and dig into the scriptures themselves.”
—Annalisa Hall, author of The Holy Ghost Is like a Blanket

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