Happy-mom moment

There are so many times when I get frustrated with how my kids are treating each other. You know how it is–someone wants to play with the toy someone else has, someone is touching someone in the car, someone is complaining that it’s not fair that so and so gets to go out on a date with dad and they have to wait a whole two weeks until their turn. Yeah, you’ve been there right? The grit-your-teeth, take-a-deep-breath kind of moments?

Luckily, I have lots of moments when my kids are actually behaving like best friends and not worst enemies. Tonight Addie is on a date with Dad, and Zach and Ellie have spent the night bouncing together on the trampoline, giggling through dinner, and enjoying their twosome time. When it was time for everyone to crawl in their beds, Zach and Ellie asked if they could hang out together on Zach’s bed for just a few minutes. I said “No, it’s bedtime.” They said “Pulllleeeease.” I figured it was a special opportunity and gave in. “Five minutes,” I said. It’s been 20.

Now they are upstairs and Zach is reading out loud to Ellie his new biography, “Who Was Neil Armstrong?” They are two bugs in a rug, as the saying goes. That’s a happy-mom moment. The question is–will this mood hold through tomorrow? I can only hope. But I know the reality is that before I know it, someone will be bugged by someone again. So I guess here’s to enjoying the moment . . .

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